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This year’s must-have accessory is not a handbag, it’s a Louis Vuitton phone case — sealing a trend which speaks volumes about our selfie-obsessed times

At this specific moment, which of these is closest to a own person: your wallet, your keys, or your phone?

The solution is your phone. They’ve been the things we’re never parted from; they’re what most quickly induce bag-scrabbling fear if they disappear from our eyeline. So it’s only logical that this year’s It accessory is not a handbag, but a phone case.

For the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2017 catwalk show, designer Nicolas Ghesquière had”a very simple concept, yet nobody had ever thought to do it before”. He replicated”the finishings and intricate details found on a first Louis Vuitton back” from the Eye-Trunk iPhone case.

In the show at the Place Vendôme at Paris, the very first version on to the catwalk wore a gunmetal grey draped jersey dress and carried no handbag, but rather held in her hands a phone case styled as a small version of the classic monogrammed trunk, complete with studded edging and a tiny gold lock. The case is currently available, for #745.

Much like the Rolex watch, the crocodile Filofax and the Mont Blanc fountain pen before it and the signet ring for stamping on the sealing wax of your missives, a while before that — the phone is a status symbol that tells the world how active and important you are. This trend is all about life, not just style. Along with the escalating importance of our phones seem reflects the fact that the phone is as much a part of our visual world as our practical one.

If a person is”in their phone” nowadays, that is more likely to imply their display is facing them, in their hands — and consequently displaying their phone case to the world — compared to being held to their ear. The two most omnipresent things in lifestyle-themed”flat lay” still resides that split up the mirror selfies on Instagram are artisan java, and prettily accessorised smartphones.

When electricity stylists Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall launched their style and lifestyle brand Chaos this past year, they put luxury cases in the center of what they do.

“The phone case is your table stationery,” says Stockdale,”except at the new world, there’s absolutely not any desk any more. You can do most things by your phone today, including pay for items, so you almost do not need a wallet.

Anders Christian Madsen, style features director at i-D magazine, was among the many taking their catwalk shots in the front row on phones decked out with a personalised Chaos deerskin cover. A scroll through their latest Instagrams indicates that Marc Jacobs’ Chaos phone has white ribbon on a black background, while Alexa Chung has gone for pink green. “I used to think dressing up electronics was kind of like placing plastic on a couch. However, the rules have changed. “I have been advised Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and I are the only people on earth to have three initials on our Chaos cases,” he states proudly.