Game Truck

Our Big Rig Gaming Truck is 32′ long, equipped with (4) 52″ displays inside within the theater, (2) Added 55″ displays outside the theater. Also includes a 12′ power fold awning ideal to color your gambling outdoor area! Surround sound, LED lighting, laser lighting, and outside sound system and an included 2000W rotating searchlight for those nighttime parties!


Featured is Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, & WiiU in addition to Kinect’s with over 100 games to select from. Xbox ONE is currently available for an extra price.


Stay-at-home daddy turns businessman, purchases into mobile video game truck franchiseScott Beskid stated he could not imagine a better job than the one he’s had the last eight years: stay-at-home dad for his two sons, Nathan and John.


However, now the boys are getting older, Beskid stated he’s found some time to add another dimension to his hectic life.


The former social worker took a giant leap into the world of business as a franchise owner of GameTruck, a fully furnished video game room which may be towed to houses for family parties or to day-care facilities and schools for educational applications.


Beskid, who said one customer called his trailer”a family room on steroids,” launched his performance a month ago.


Thanks to a advertising, plenty of word of mouth and hours of cold calls to prospective customers, Beskid put 13 parties under his belt in April.


He admits it’s been an exciting, though frightening, experience for someone with no business background.


“It was a major investment, and I did not know whether it’d work,” Beskid stated.


Adding to the challenge is having to educate people on what he provides.

“You say’patented cellular game video theater’ and people don’t have any clue what you mean,” he said.


What it is


There’s also one PlayStation, 1 XB Connect with space enough for dance games plus a concession window which opens access to a seventh TV facing outdoors for a few outdoor play under an awning.


Inside, large cushioned leather chairs can be retracted if party-goers need room for more interactive games, such as baseball. Up to 24 people can play indoors at exactly the exact same time, with up to another four on the outside-facing TV.


A large window allows parents to peek in and watch the fun if they don’t wish to go in and revel in the activity themselves.


Parents may decide what games are offered for the celebration, and Beskid sets the menu on the wall for gamers to pick.


“If the parents did not need a specific game, the kids do not even know it’s missing.”