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Each time I watched the low-res monochromatic pictures on the trunk, I found myself missing my vibrant (eyesight weakening) display that was waiting to be unlocked.

I had been hanging out with a girlfriend in a Superbowl party this weekend discussing this fairly pricey curling iron I’d just bought. She explained that she’s a genius dangerous method of justifying purchases i.e. when I wear these jeans after a week and keep them for two decades, that is 1 dollar per wear! If you took that logic and applied it to your mobile phone case + incorporating in the additional expense of possibly dropping or damaging your mobile — buying a fantastic case makes a good deal of sense.

What does every style IT woman want? Simple. We want the security of an Otterbox, a thin design, and something trendy that may complement our outfits. I drop my phone more than I am pleased to acknowledge i.e. 2-3 times per week and my telephone is unscathed. I did a roundup of a few of my favourite iPhone 6 instances, tell me which one your favourite is!Waiting for the EVO 4G LTE to ship turned out to be much less of a workout in Godot-like interminability than many readers once believed. As shown previously, that make-good comes in the shape of a smartphone case — a Superman-colored one at that — even though we would have much preferred an elongated battery. That two-year contract needed to be great for something.Phones are more amazing than ever.

That moment, in the shop, is going to be the last time your phone’s design issues. Because you, like the overwhelming majority of smartphone buyers in 2014, are likely to take your phone out of its box and place it directly into a scenario, where it will stay for the duration of your two-year contract.