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The next step is to inspect the soil around your home and regrade it if needed. The earth around your home should slope at least one inch per foot moving from your home for around six to eight feet. The grading should include fill dirt with a clay content of 20 to 30 percent. Do not use sandy soil or soil containing a great deal of organic matter; it is not going to shed water adequately.

If they’re filled over, they will produce a shelf that grabs water.

A grading alternative obviously has significant benefits. It costs little — dirt, after all, is economical — requires no great skill and should transfer enough water away from your home to prevent significant harm.

If portions of your lawn slope toward your home, you might need to cut a swale to divert water until it reaches the home. Like regrading, it is a fairly straightforward job.

Regrading or diverting surface water will resolve most basement moisture problems, but it might not always be the best approach. It could be more expensive than other options — for example, if you must reconstruct an elaborate patio that slants toward your home or if you must redo extensive landscaping at the problem area. Furthermore, grading isn’t a sure cure for fixing problems; water could be penetrating your cellar from places that arise well away from your residence. In the end, occasionally regrading is a comparatively frail alternative; a bit careless digging in your backyard may make a fresh source of leakage only when you’ve installed a home theater in your cellar.

If regrading and other surface drainage improvements do not fix the issue, more drastic and costly solutions await.

For many houses, the next best approach is to watertight walls from the outside. Drainage pipe is installed in the base of the trench to collect water which seeps from over and conveys it to a portion of your lawn away from your house or into a drainage pit. The trench is full of soil that’s tamped down, and the surface area is regraded to improve surface drainage.

However, Checkbook’s view is that, unlike interior systems, this will really fix the underlying problem by diverting water away from walls, instead of simply managing water which enters the home.

Many landscaping businesses specialize in drainage function. You can find some insight into a business’s performance by assessing the evaluations and comments posted by area consumers from the “Basement Waterproofers” and “Landscapers” segments.